Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Foraging Floyd: Peaches and Chanterelles

Our sweet little patio peach tree was loaded with little gems this year.
They were just this >< close to being ripe

Then some varmint of the groundhog/raccoon/possum variety came foraging along...

knocked the tree over...
and left nothing but the licked absolutely clean stones behind.

But Megan and Yada came through and sweetened the blow by dropping off 2 pounds of these
absolutely gorgeous chanterelle mushrooms that they had foraged.

One pound got skewered, painted with garlic scape pesto, and grilled.  The other pound was carefully washed, patted dry, and consigned to the dehydrator so we can enjoy them this winter.
The dehydrator was set at 135F and the 'shrooms were dry in about 2 hours.

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