Monday, September 2, 2013

Preserving Floyd: Attention Fermenting Folks!

Got an email from Brian Moss at the SustainFloyd model farm.  He has 2nd quality organic red cabbage for sale at .50/lb
Brian says, "I did make some sales..... to a kraut maker a while back. Heard that it worked out really well for him. The heads are super dense, and the color holds up great through the fermentation."
Contact Brian at 252-558-5636 or bmoss18 at gmail dot com.

Also, Farmers' Supply in Floyd just got in a full line of Ohio Stoneware crocks, weights and lids, including these really sweet fermentation crocks:
I'm trying really hard not to run down there and snag one for myself!

The root crops, cabbage family crops, and other fall fermentables will be hitting the farmers' markets soon.
get ready...get set...



  1. OH OH I wish I was closer. I would be running down to but the cabbage. I have the German version of that Ohio crock. LOVE IT! Love the water seal and the weights. Just pulled a load of sauerkraut out of one of them yesterday! YUM!

    1. Hey Em!
      Oh man- you're making it harder for me to resist buying one! ;-)