Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gardening Floyd: April Showers Bring....

...May Flowers, supposedly.  But not when those showers try to wash the county off the map.

While I was sitting inside the other day whinging on about it raining and needing inspiration, here's what was going on outside.

This is our normally placid and picturesque pond...

...and this is what I saw when I got up from posting...

...and a few minutes later when the water in the pond had reached the level of the pasture...
That's not a stream in front of the pond.  That's our lane.
Directly across from us there's hilly, rolling pastures, all grass, no stream.  This was the run-off that formed starting behind the neighbor's barn, gathering volume and force as it headed down toward the pond.
The overflow pipes in the pond did their job.  Prior to this the water rarely got high enough for there to be more than a trickle coming through them. This time they were transformed into a roaring cataract.
The trunk of this 7 foot tree is visible in this photo when the overflow started running...
but moments later was submerged up to it's branches.
 Meanwhile, our lane was being turned into canyons and craters by more run-off.

It's hard to tell from the photos how fast and hard that water is running.  I watched our neighbors in their 4-wheel drive SUV sit for a moment and contemplate whether they could actually get up the hill or not while the water was running.

We got off lucky with just the heavy rains.  Fifty miles southeast of us the northern tier of North Carolina was heavily damaged by multiple tornadoes.

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