Monday, May 25, 2015

'Tis the Season!

The Floyd Farmers Market officially opened May 16th with a jam-packed (no pun intended) crowd in attendance.  I think this past weekend's crowd was even bigger!

I'm glad the season has finally arrived.  Fresh produce is rolling in (mmmmm....strawberries....), people hungry for fresh produce are rolling in, and I'm back to capturing those flavors for people to stash away and enjoy all year 'round.  Plus, it really is the social highlight of my week.

Pickled Asparagus is back on the table.  Strawberry offerings include Strawberry Butter, Whole Strawberries in Vanilla Syrup, Strawberry Chipotle Jam, and Strawberry Roll-Ups (remember Fruit Roll-Ups?  Like that only better.  Real pureed strawberries, a touch of maple syrup, dehydrated and cut into strips.)  Last week there were triple chocolate cupcakes stuffed with a whole strawberry dipped in fudge and topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting and another whole fresh strawberry.  Next week I'm thinking glazed fresh strawberry tartlets.

I was hoping to get the watercress in my stream to market this year...

...but we had a blast of heat 2 weeks ago that turned it bitter and sent it into flower.  Hopefully the cool fall weather will return it to its tender, mild state and I'll be able to bring it to market then.  The patch has gotten pretty huge, much larger than the above picture, meaning I'll be able to harvest it pretty freely, cutting a different section of it every few days.  I will have fresh oregano, thyme, and chives on offer next week.

Ferments are going well.  I have a fermented Cranberry Relish and Light 'Em Up Cabbage Slaw (it's spicy!) currently on the table.  Both are excellent as accents with grilled meats and vegetables, but I especially love them on grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches and fish tacos.  Currently fermenting is a kimchi made with bok choy from my neighbor's garden.  That should be hitting the table soon.  Red and white wine vinegars, Tuscan herbed red wine vinegar, and spiced cranberry vinegar are available.  Highland maple vinegar is currently fermenting and will show up at market a little later in the season.

Peanut butters are being made.  Due to the increasing price of almonds, almond butter is being made to order only and priced according to current market prices.  You know, kinda like lobster when you order it in a restaurant (sheesh).  Place your order for almond butter with me at market and I'll have it for you the following week.

And of course, there is an array of finishing salts available.  More flavors will be added as herbs and produce come into season.

See you at market!

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