Monday, December 19, 2011

Cooking Floyd: Dark Days Challenge: Dec. Week 3

The solution to this week's challenge feels like cheating.  It's not, it's exactly the result I was aiming for when I froze them: an effortless meal.  Stuffed Marconi Peppers.

When the peppers were coming in hot and heavy I stuffed, individually wrapped, and froze enough peppers for several winter meals.  The sausage I used was a product of Bright's Farm (click and scroll down) made from their pastured Tamworth hogs.

I simply put the frozen peppers in a pot with a pint and a half of our tomato sauce, covered the pot, set the oven for 375F, and walked away for a couple of hours.
During the cooking time the sauce thickened up and was flavored with the sausage.  A green salad, vinaigrette made with olive oil and home made white wine vinegar flavored with chive blossoms from the herb garden, a couple of leftover (slightly charred) toasts, and supper was ready.


  1. Stuffing the peppers in advance & freezing is brilliant! I'm going to have to do that next year with my (hopeful) garden haul. Beautiful meal!

  2. Thanks Jes! Did the same with the tiny ones at the end of the season. Appetizer size!

  3. Brilliant. Very delicious looking too. Love the idea of stuffing them and freezing them. Sincerely, Emily