Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Foraging Floyd: We Have WATERCRESS!!!

We love greens.  We get excited over greens.  So to say I was delighted to discover several stands of watercress growing in our little branch is an understatement.

I know the potential yard guy I was showing around the property was bemused by his somewhat pudgy, potential employer doing a happy dance.

Watercress is one of those early spring greens that show up just in time to alleviate a long winter of few or (horrors!) no fresh tender greens.

When it first appears it has a mild herbaceous flavor with a light peppery finish.  As the season progresses and the heat intensifies the flavor becomes more and more peppery and then finally, bitter.  At that point leave it alone and come back to it in the fall when the weather cools.  The bitterness will fade and the flavor will come back for a final appearance in fall salads.

Besides salads, watercress has an affinity for eggs in all forms and is a nice crunchy sandwich green.

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