Monday, January 28, 2013

Cooking Floyd: Making Coatings Stick

This is one of those things where you wonder why you hadn't figured it out years ago.  Here I was trying to use plain old egg wash to make stuff stick to other food stuffs when I should have been using whipped egg whites!  No more delicious coatings falling off into the pan!

Whip an egg white to a soft peak.  Pat dry and season whatever it is you're coating (in this case a salmon fillet).  Dip in the egg white and then press into the coating mixture (in this case sesame seeds but finely chopped nuts worked great too).  Place encrusted side down in a medium hot oiled pan until browned.  Then flip and finish on the stove top or in a hot oven.


  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I've never tried using egg whites like this but it makes total sense! Can't wait to try!

    :) Joel

    1. Hi Joel! I've been diggin' on your latest posts, especially the fermenting ones! Folks, make a virtual trip to Canada and check out Joel and Dana's blog "Well Preserved" They're doing some awesome stuff!

      The flour-eggwash-crumbs-or-whatever routine works great for typical breadings but for whatever reasons whipped egg white works best when trying to coat with just seeds, nuts, herbs or a combination thereof

  2. Thanks Rebecca - can't wait to try; sounds like it would really extend the 'breading' options. And I'm a sucker for breading... :)