Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cooking Floyd: Dark Days Challenge: Feb. Week 10

This Dark Days Challenge was truly a challenge.  The whole week was challenging.  The day after last week's party I came down with the mother of all sore throats that invaded my ears and nose, and came with chills and fever.  The doctor prescribed some sort of antibiotic that indiscriminately killed everything in it's path.  I was grateful for leftover chicken soup and that, accompanied by some good yogurt in an attempt to balance out the antibiotic's ravages, was pretty much all I could face this past week.  Monday the pain lessened and yesterday it was gone.  Last night was catch as catch can to get a DDC meal in this week.

Supper was roasted herbed tomatoes,

roasted sweet red peppers,

chopped and combined with lemon basil pesto
and tossed with angel hair pasta.

As a green accompaniment I did a quick blanch and chill with edamame,
just long enough to thaw them out,

drained them well and then dressed them with finely grated rind
and juice of half a lemon,

fall harvest Sevillano olive oil,
and salt and pepper to taste.

A little grated Parm on the pasta, and supper was done.

Everything but the pasta, cheese, lemon, s & p, and olive oil
came out of last year's garden.


  1. Being sick is the pits--glad you're feeling better! And for a DDC meal after being ill, you've definitely created something that looks both delicious & super healthy.

  2. Rebecca I am glad you are feeling better. UGH! In spite of it all, you turned out a fantastic meal. All the goodies in the freezer from your garden. Beautiful!