Sunday, November 20, 2011

Preserving Floyd: The Pantry to Date

Michael's off getting a bike ride in and I'm taking a break from processing our second deer of the season.  I thought I'd amuse myself by taking a look at the pantry inventory for this year so far.  We just finished 19 jars of Apple Craic since the last post, the latest entry in the pantry inventory.  I have photos and a post for that but I have no idea when I'm going to get that post up because a couple of days ago we had a power blip that fried the on/off switch on the desk top PC.  Where the photo editing software is.  Where pretty much everything is.  Folks, when your instincts tell you it's time to update your back up, don't put it off til later.  Because something is guaranteed to fry something in the next couple of days.  And it won't be in your saute pan.  So now I'm temporarily blogging from my P-O-S laptop.  But enough about that.  I really wanted to publish my pantry list to date because when the Apple Craic's made, that signifies the end of my canning season.  Mostly.  I'd put up a picture of the pantry and freezer but well, we've already been through that.  The inventory is after the jump.

 Pantry Inventory 2011
Apple Sauce (qt) 8, (pt) 2
Apple Craic (pt) 19
French Apple Pie Filling (qt) 6
Apple Pie Filling (qt) 6
Spiced Crab Apples (pt) 4, (½ pt) 3
Dried Apples (gal) 3

Asparagus Soup (qt) 7
Pickled Asparagus (pt) 4

Autumn Olive
Autumn Olive Jam (½ pt) 5, (4 oz) 2

Frozen Blueberries (qt) 4
Dried Blueberries (cup) 2
Blueberry Jam w/Coriander & Lime (4 oz) 1

Cabbage Roll, plain (1/2 doz) 4
Cabbage Roll, cranberry walnut (1/2 doz) 3

Cherry Vanilla Pie Filling (qt) 3, (pt) 1
Black Forest Cherry Preserve (½ pt) 5, (4 oz) 3
Smokey Chipotle Cherries (½ pt) 6
Dried Cherries (cup) 4

Corn, Frozen Kernels (2 serving bag) 5

Dill Pickles (pt) 6
Sweet Gherkins (½ pt)1
Cornichons (½ pt) 2

Seedless Black Currant Jam (½ pt) 2, (4 oz) 3
Red Current Jelly (4 oz) 7
Red Current & Raspberry Jelly (½ pt) 4, (4 oz) 6

Edamame, frozen (qt) 4

Dried Fig Jam w/Port Wine (½ pt)1

Grape Juice (qt) 7

Green Beans
Romano Beans (qt) 6
Blue Lake Green Beans (qt)34
Dried Green Beans (cups) 16
Sweet Basil Beans (pt) 5
Dilled Baby Green Beans (½ pt) 10

Herbs (frozen)
Wild Garlic Paste (snack bag) 2
Wild Garlic Dust (spice jar) 2
Sage Paste (snack bag) 4
Chive Paste (snack bag) 3
Fines Herb Paste (snack bag) 2
Genovese Pesto (snack bag) 11
Lime Pesto (snack bag) 6
Lemon Pesto (snack bag) 6
Sage Poultry Blend Paste (snack bag) 3
Tuscan Blend Paste (snack bag) 3
Boursin-style Cheese Spread (6 oz) 3
Salted Quebec Herbs (pt) 1

Venison Strips (qt) 4
Venison Stock (qt) 12
Venison Roasts, frozen (each) 10
Venison Cubes, frozen (lbs) 7
Venison Backstrap, frozen (each) 4
Venison Tenderloin, frozen (each) 4

Mandarin Oranges (½ pt) 9
Single Malt Marmalade (½ pt) 3, (4 oz) 1
Orange-Cran Marmalade (½ pt) 5, (4 oz)1
Dried Orange Wheels (cup) 3
Clementine Dust (spice jar) 1

Pear Sauce (qt) 1
Pear Butter (pt) 1
Poached Pears in Wine (qt)1
Salted Caramel Pear Butter (½ pt) 3, (4 oz) 2

Peach Halves in Earl Grey Tea Syrup (qt) 9
Peach Jam with Lime Basil (½ pt) 4, (4 oz) 4
Spicy Peach Maple Jam w/Cherry Peppers (½ pt) 5, (4 oz) 4
Peach Butter (½ pt) 15, (4 oz) 6
Peach Sauce (pt) 6, (qt) 2
Dried Peaches (cup) 5

Peppers, Hot
Hot Honeyed Cherry Peppers (pt) 4
Zavory Pepper Jelly (4 oz) 4
Roasted Poblano Pepper Strips, frozen (snack bag) 5
Cranberry Pepper Jelly ( ½ pt) 5, (4 oz) 7
Hot Pepper & Honey Jelly (4 oz) 8
Chili Rellanos con Quesa (sm each) 16, (lg each) 12

Peppers, Sweet
Dried Marconi Peppers (cups) 5
Dried Zavory Peppers (½ cup) 1
Sweet & Spicy Zavory Mini Bell Peppers (pt) 2
Roasted Red Pepper Spread (½ pt) 2
Roasted Red Pepper Strips, frozen (snack bag) 7
Diced Bell Pepper, frozen (gal) 1
Red Pepper Spread, frozen (4 oz) 2
Stuffed Peppers frozen (each) 22
Stuffed Peppers frozen, side (qt bag)1
Stuffed Peppers frozen, app (qt bag) 1

Dried Plums (cup) 4

Rhubarb Lime Jam (½ pt) 3
Rhubarb Rosemary Jam (½ pt) 1, (4 oz) 3

Pickled Shallot Scapes (½ pt) 1
Shallot Scape Pesto, frozen (snack bag) 4

Vegetable Soup (qt) 4
Leek & Potato Soup (qt) 7

Squash (frozen)
Butternut, roasted cubed (qt bag) 2
Butternut, roasted pureed (qt bag) 1
Acorn, roasted cubed ( ½ qt bag) 1

Strawberries, Whole Preserves w/Vanilla Syrup (pt) 6
Strawberry Jam (4 oz) 12
Strawberry Jam, Balsamic & Black Pepper (4 oz) 8
Strawberry Jam with Basil (4 oz) 6, (½ pt) 3
Strawberry Vanilla Syrup (½ pt) 4
Dried Strawberries (cup) 4

Tomato Lime Salsa (½ pt) 9
Tomato Paste (4 oz) 17
Diced Herbed Tomatoes (pt) 15
Marinara Sauce (pt) 10, (½ pt) 1
Tomato Sauce (pt) 7, (½ pt) 7
Roasted Tomatoes, frozen (snack bag) 16
Ketchup (½ pt) 9, (pt) 9
Plain Dried Tomatoes (cup)2
Maple Syrup Vinegar Marinated Dried Tomatoes (cup) 2
Dried Currant Tomatoes (½ cup) 1
Spicy Currant Tomato Preserves (4 oz) 2

Red Wine
Red Wine with Tuscan Herbs
White Wine with Chive Blossoms
Plum Sherry

Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti Squash
Sweet Potatoes


  1. Apple Craic is a deeply spiced baked apple recipe I developed at my husband's request. Now that our PC is back up the next post will include the recipe and the definition of the word "craic". Stay tuned!